Looks Blocks
Make your sprite say, think, show, hide and look pretty.

Say for secs
Let sprite say something for # seconds.
Let sprite say something forever.
Think for secs
Let sprite think for # seconds.
Let sprite think forever.
Make sprite visible on stage.
Make sprite invisible from stage.
Switch costume to
Change sprite costume from available list.
Next costume
Change sprite costume to next one in a list.
Switch backdrop to
Change sprite backdrop from available list.
Change effect by
Change sprite various effect.
Set effect to
Set sprite various effect.
Clear graphic effects
Clear all effects applied to sprite.
Change size
Change sprite size by specific number from it's current size.
Set size to #%
Set sprite size to percentage value.
Go to front
Place sprint in front of all other sprites.
Go back layers
Change sprite placement by going back specified number of layers.
Get sprite's current costume number.
Backdrop Name
Get the current backdrop name.
Get current sprite's size.