Sensing Blocks
Make your sprite sense aware like touch, click or sound.

Use this to sense mouse-pointer or edge of the stage.
Touching Color
Use this to sense a touch of any color selected.
Color Is Touching
Use this to sense a color touching any other color selected.
Distance To
Get distance to mouse pointer or any other sprite selected.
Ask and Wait
Ask any question and wait for an answer.
Get text inputed with ask and wait block.
Key Pressed?
Sense specified key when it is pressed.
Mouse Down?
Sense if mouse's primary button is being clicked.
Mouse X
Get mouse pointer's current X point.
Mouse Y
Get mouse pointer's current Y point.
Get loudness receives from microphone on scale of 0 to 100.
Video On
Get value of video motion or direction.
Turn Video
Turn video on, off or on-flipped.
Set Video Transparency To
Set the transparency of the video stream to specified value.
Get timer value which usually increased every second by 1.
Reset Timer
Reset timer value to 0.
Get specified variable value of sprite or stage.
Get current value of specified variable.
Days Since 2000
Get days since January 1, 2000.
Get username of the user viewing the project.